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Structured guidance to build your own home

A registered builder to build and/or project manage your project



Have site experience and want to get registered with the VBA? 

Get as much or as little assistance as you need 


Construction and

Project Management

Owner Builder


At ibild, we understand that the business of building does not have just one path or purpose.People build and renovate for a variety of reasons.


Having delivered over 20 different developments ranging from subdivision townhouses to split level architecturally designed homes, we understand the different requirements of our clients.

We like to think of ourselves as an end to end construction consultancy.  Able to provide services from conceptualisation through to construction.  As trainers of builders working with the latest knowledge base and awareness of the cutting edge building methods and requirments, we provide building services and training which meets current requirements.

No smoke screens, just real builders and trades who have been there, done that and can help you deliver on your vision, whatever your desired build model is.




e. i@ibild.com.au

m. 0422 217 131

Melbourne, VIC



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