Want to get registered?
Need qualified and current advice?
Speak to someone who has done it recently! 

Who are you?

  • More than 3 years site experience;

  • Certificate IV in Building & Construction (Building) or substantial on-site experience; and

  • You want to be a Registered Builder!

Why us?

  • We have only recently done it ourselves, so our advice is current;

  • In addition to staying abreast of industry changes, we have the relevant TAFE Certificate and Diploma; and

  • We are builders ourselves!

What we do?

  • We have different tailored packages to suit your needs;

  • To fulfil the required knowledge of acts, regulations, codes and standards; and

  • Most importantly our advice is based on the current state of play!

Victorian Domestic Builder Registration Program 

If you have the necessary on-site experience or background knowledge to building, we can provide and support you with all the remaining materials you need to get registered.

We offer four levels of support packages to assist you through the Victorian Building Authority Builders Registration process.  Whether you are a seasoned tradie or person working in a construction related field, you are able to choose from our different levels of package to see you through the process in obtaining your builder's license. 

We don't just parachute you into the deep end, we will guide you through a step by step process along each step of the way.  We begin by giving you an overview of what you are about to undertake and outlining the entire process.

Depending on the level of support packages you have chosen, our services include:

  • telling you what you need to study and learn - the relevant acts, regulations, codes and standards;

  • providing you with a tagging guide for the required books ensuring you are fully equipped for the exam;

  • online portal access to a range of sample exam questions covering both MCQs and written exercises, giving you the confidence you need to sit for the VBA exam and interview;


All YOU need to bring is the willingness to get it done!!


This program is an assisted study program. It is set up by an experienced builder who has himself gone through the process hence understands what is needed to demonstrate your knowledge to the VBA during the registration process.
We do NOT however teach you how to build.

In addition to demonstrating your knowledge through a structured test examination, you will also need to demonstrate a minimum of 3 years on-site relevant working experience for your class of registration.

Registration Process Illustrated

1. Registration Precheck

a. 3 years (minimum) demonstrated industry experience. Photo documentation.

b.Experience to be vouched for by your supervisor/employer.

c. Industry relevant qualifications (e.g. Cert IV/Diploma/Degree in Building  & Construction) or substantial demonstrable experience in building.

FREE 30 minute consultation via phone or in person

2. Application

a. With our COMPLETE Package, we meet with you to prepare the folder for submission. Alternatively you can do this yourself and select our BASIC or INTERMEDIATE package.

b. This will include collecting and verifying documentation required for your application.  We then submit your application to the VBA on your behalf.

2 weeks

2-4 weeks

3a. Letter of Eligibility

a. At this stage we assist you in putting in an application for your LOE. The process takes up to 4 weeks.
b. We can also provide in house (for an additional cost) business planning services if necessary.


c. Our contacts in the insurance industry can assist you in obtaining your LOE.

3b. Study

a. The most arduous stage of the process.  As part of our INTERMEDIATE or COMPLETE packages, we meet with you no less than 4 times prior to your examination.
b. During this 6-8 weeks, we walk you through in a methodical way on what you need to know. We show you how to tag your books with a tagging guide in preparation for your exam.

4. Submission Result

a. After 2-4 weeks, a phone call from the VBA will inform you of the next stage of the process. You will at this stage be given an exam date.




b.Should your application requires further amendments, we will make the necessary changes and resubmit. 

2-3 weeks

5. Exam

You then sit a time controlled examination at the VBA. 

This consists of 53 MCQs and a Technical Plan Exercise.  Both of which will test your understanding of the Building & Construction regulations, standards and associated acts. 

Minimum pass score of 70% is required.

2-3 weeks

6. Interview

a. Once you have passed the exam, you will be invited for a face-to-face interview at the VBA.

b. The interview which runs over 3 hours consists of 4 stages:

  • Background discussion

  • Technical Plan Exercise 

  • Project work review

  • General Q&A session assessing your understanding of building methods, business management, supervision, operation works and how legislation, standards and acts affect the building process.

2-3 weeks

7. Registration

a. Following your interview, an email should follow within 2-3 weeks informing you of your final result.

b. Your relationship with us doesn't just end here.  If you like, we can continue to provide you the necessary know-how to set up your business and take your next steps into building your business.


Total Registration

Time Frame

5 - 7 months

Direct One on One



Let us take you through the material you need to know.


  • Private, full 1 hour -  face to face meeting

  • Discuss whatever you wish on builder registration 

  • You tell us what you want to know or learn, we guide you through it.

  • A good way for you to trial whether we provide the training support you need!

  • Should you choose to take up an INTERMEDIATE or COMPLETE package with us, your session payments will be offsetted against the total cost of the package.

Prepare yourself with email support


  • Gain access to our online study material

  • Learn only what you need to!

  • More than 250 online multiple-choice questions, structured to test your understanding on the examined topics

  • Technical plan reading exercises with marked feedback

  • Tagging guide to assist you in marking out what is important

  • Plan exercises methodology to simplify your process

  • Email support 

Assisted Registration Study Program


In addition to the Basic Package, we provide you with the following:

  • Up to 4 sessions of Face to Face, one on one study sessions to talk you through the necessary:

  • National Construction Code, Australian Standards & OHS

    • Bracing, Raft Slab Design & Masonry

    • Timber Framing & Roofing Design

    • Business, Contracts, Legislation

  • Interview Preparation


Complete Registration Study Program


The complete package.  We assist you from start to end.  In addition to the Intermediate Package, we assist you in:

  • Preparing and completing your application folder, all ready for submission

  • Interview Preparation

  • Advise on personal and business finances

  • Insurances requirements

  • Business Registrations

If you want to be guided each step fo the way, this is the package for you.


one on one