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Structured guidance to build  your own home

A registered builder  to build and/or project manage your project



Have site experience  and want to become a registered builder? 

Get as much or as little assistance as you need 

Business Development

Step by step guidance to develop your commercial acumen and take your business to the next level 


Construction and

Project Management

Owner Builder


At ibild, we understand that the business of building does not have just one path or purpose.

As a former Engineer as well as Research Scientist, I have owner built our first family home and have worked in domestic building for a number of reputable builders, delivering more than 20 domestic homes before qualifying as a Registered Builder.

So when we call ourselves an end to end construction consultancy, we are what we claim to be.

No smoke screens, no opinionated advices and no instagram generation networking.  Just real people who have done this and can help you whatever your path or your purpose serves to be.




e. i@ibild.com.au

m. 0422 217 131



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