Structured guidance to build  your own home

What you bring

You have land. You have an idea of what you want to build on it.

You like to manage the project for the experience and keep costs low.

Speak to us and let us simplify the whole process for you.

What we bring

We guide you through the whole process and can be involved as much as or as little as you want. 


Our services include:

  • Get you registered as an Owner Builder

  • Concept plans and architectural  drawings

  • Council requirements

  • Set up scopes of works

  • Connect you to our trades and suppliers

  • Project management

Why us?

As former owner builders ourselves, we understand the process and the best way to approach it.


No jargon, no sales pitch.  Just straight up advice from an ex-owner builder who is now a VBA registered builder.

And if you want us to 'pinch hit', we can!



Becoming an Owner Builder

1. Owner Builder

  • Since July 2017, the VBA has introduced new guidelines to becoming an owner builder. 

  • The process includes:

2. Preparation

  • We started as Owner Builders.  We now help builders get registered.  So we can help you prepare comprehensively.

3. Certificate of Consent

  • We then prepare your application with you. 

  • Upon obtaining your Certificate of Consent, we assist you in the journey of owner building your own home.

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